ELearning, Blended and Flexible Learning at CLLR

Elearning options are available for study but primacy is given to social relationships and social-psychological (in-situ) engagement as much as possible.

The overwhelming message of research into elearning demonstrates that is not as effective or helpful as learning through relationships in situ. This is why CLLR only offers a ‘blended’ model of learning. Where possible CLLR will target in-situ learning environments supported by face-to-face coaching and mentoring.

Elearning is offered to Australian students who complete at least 2 or preferably three introductory face-to-face units. The availability of elearning options varies depending on distance learning challenges. Overseas and isolated students will be given preferential access to online learning with an expected proviso that includes at least one face-to-face unit.

All units have been professionally recorded and most online units require the viewing of a video series, journal reflection, online forum discussion and targeted reading.

Units available via Elearning

  • Unit 4. Leadership and the Social Psychology of Risk
  • Unit 5. The Social Psychology of High Reliability Organising
  • Unit 6. Holistic Ergonomics
  • Unit 7. Learning, Community and The Social Psychology of Risk

Fees, Unit Duration and Assessment

A set of 4 units costs $4000.00. Compared to University fees, a CLLR Certificate is approximately one third the cost for a Graduate Certificate at a University ($14,000). The completion of all 12 units to MasterClass level is $12,000.

All in-situ units are of 3 day length with additional time provided in online support, coaching and mentoring. All requirements for assessment are described in each unit outline. Assessment is completed in class in in-situ (face to face) units.

Assessment for online units is described in units outlines and varies according to content. The demand hours for online units is equivalent to a three day unit or 24 demand hours.

Enrolment, Assessment and Recognition

Students can enrol individually or for a collection of units eg. Certificate, Diploma or Master Class accreditation. On completion of assessment participants are awarded a unit Certificate. The completion of four units entitles a student to a Certificate in the Social Psychology of Risk.

Each qualification is a CLLR accreditation and is not linked to a College or University. The CLLR acts as its own college and its accreditation is measured in skills and knowledge acquired by the students and the value of this unique study as recognised by employers and managers in industry and business.

All certification comes with a record of content, skills and knowledge gained in each unit.

How to Apply, Study Calendar and Communications

Complete the Registration Form on the right to register your interest in all modules.

View the Study Calendar for details on each unit.

Master Class Options

Masterclass workshops are only available to those who have completed the Certificate and Diploma. Two of these units (MiProfile and iThink) are conducted in-situ due to the complexity and sophistication of content.

All studies at this level will be made by registration of interest and a class will be formed depending on number of registrations.

  • Unit 9. The MiProfile Master Class, Diagnostics in the Social Psychology of Risk. (face to face)
  • Unit 10. Understanding and Developing Risk Intelligence. (elearning)
  • Unit 11. Communicating and the Unconscious in Risk. (elearning)
  • Unit 12. iThink – Critical Thinking, Dialectic and Risk. (face to face)

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring is available from staff in-situ and online depending on the needs of each student.

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