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27 September 2016
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29 September 2016
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The Social Amplification of Risk Unit 8


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Topics will include:

  • The social making of uncertainty and risk
  • The risk management industry
  • Prince 2, Six Sigma and project management approaches to risk
  • Risk management as fundamentalism
  • The insurance industry
  • The law industry
  • The journalism industry
  • The quest for certainty and the challenge of uncertainty
  • The media and risk, layers of communications
  • The chemistry of fear, anxiety and political consciousness
  • Case studies in the social amplification of risk (group presentations)
    • Y2K
    • Mad Cow
    • AIDS
    • Climate change
    • Avian flu
    • Nuclear stigma and Fukishima
    • The vaccination debate
    • Children and risk (Gill)
    • Sport, recreation and risk
    • Adventure and risk
    • Terrorism
    • Tsunami
    • Road safety
    • Rail suicide
    • AIDS and blood transfusion
    • Cell phones and cancer
    • Passive smoking
    • Ebola
    • Lotteries as a tax on the stupid
    • Terrorism
    • You can’t trust experts
    • Academia is nonsense
    • One good reason is enough
  • The precautionary principle and risk anxiety
  • Probabilities and the politics of panic
  • Complex adaptive systems
  • Review causal loop mapping
  • Stigma and attribution
  • The semiotics of fear and images of risk
  • Mitigating and amplifying risk
  • Tolerability and practicability of risk
  • Social drama, media appetite and the news cycle
  • Economic and enterprise risk
  • Bricolage, imagination, creativity and the problems of behaviourism
  • Incident investigation

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