Study Calendar

Units 4,5,6,7 are Online Units

Once prerequisites have been completed (one unit for OS students face-to- face, two units face-to- face for Australian students) any of units 4 to 7 can be undertaken online at any time.

Semiotics and The Social Psychology of Risk (Unit 3)

DATE: 19,20,21 April 2017

LOCATION: Canberra, Australia

The influence of signs, symbols, messages, language and discourse are critical in understanding how people make decisions about risk. This workshop explores the dynamics of semiotic influences on the collective unconscious and what to do about it.

SEEK – The Social Psychology of Event Investigations (Unit 2)

DATE: 5, 6, 7 July 2017

LOCATION: Tuggeranong Community Centre, 245 Cowlishaw St, Greenway ACT

The program is unique as it applies the key principles of the Social Psychology of Risk to the way events are investigated. The Program assumes that events and investigations are conditioned by social arrangements and that social arrangements are a significant determinant on decision making and behaviours.

iThink Master Class (Unit 12)

DATE: 7,8,9 June 2017

LOCATION: Canberra Australia

This is a unit that brings together the complex Body of Knowledge in the Social Psychology of Risk (SPoR), aspects of Critical and Cultural Theory, Critical Thinking skills and the dialectical methodology at the foundation of SPoR. The structure of the unit works through the nature of popular philosophies in risk, methodologies, ideologies, ontologies and ethical 2 conundrums that are strewn across the risk genre and landscape but that are rarely named or discussed.

The Social Amplification of Risk (Unit 8)

DATE: 18,19,20 October 2017

LOCATION:  Brisbane Australia View Hotel Hamilton

Risk is amplified or attenuated by a range of social psychological conditions that affect the unconscious. The workshop looks at how humans manufacture risk and risk aversion unconsciously. A range of tools are provided to help tackle the challenges of risk amplification.